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Demineralization plant produces clear water which is free from salts by ion exchange process.

Raw water is passed through two ion exchange chambers, which are connected in series. In the first chamber cations get exchanged hydrogen ions and in the second chamber anions gets exchanged with hydroxyl ions.

HOW IT WORKS                       

  • DM plant consists of two pressured vessels connected in series.
  • The first unit consists of acidic cations, which converts positive ions of salts and replaces them with hydrogen ions, to form respective acids.
  • Second unit consists of basic anion exchange resign, which observes the salts from first chamber.
  • Further purity in water can be achieved by Mixed bed Deionizer, which is a single column unit which is filled with acidic cation and basic anion.

There are four stages in deionizer:

Service: In the Service cycle the water enters the vessel and passes through the Resin bed of the respective exchanger

Backwashing: Backwashing is done, once the resins are exhausted. Backwashing is done by uniform flow of water. The backwash is done to expand the resign bed and removes foreign bodies in resin bed.

Regeneration: When the ion exchange resins lose its nature of exchanging ions, they have to be regenerated. This can be done by mixing 4 – 5% concentrated solution of Hydrochloric acid is used for cation resin and a 4% – 5% concentrated solution of caustic soda for anion resin.

Rinse: The final stage of regeneration is to rinse the resins of excess regenerate


  • User friendly, low maintenance and easy to install.
  • Rust free
  • Less power consumption
  • Durable
  • Economical
  • High shelf life

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