Industrial Sector



  • Boilers and Heat Exchangers
  • Cooling towers.
  • Chilling plants & Condenser systems
  • Water Storage Tanks in Industries
  • Compressors
  • Fire Safety


  • Steam boilers, heat exchangers, and cooling towers can all collect Calcium Carbonate scale, and foul their operating potential.
  • Allowing untreated water into hot water systems will result in scale build up. Many companies choose to try and solve that by adding chemicals dosing, this is a momentary partial solution and takes constant laborious efforts.
  • Even after adding chemicals most systems have to be shut down entirely for manual scale removal using heavy machinery that can actually do harm to the systems.
  • The chemicals added to try and fight the already built up scale can be harmful to the environment, which the government is cracking down on.
  • When you shut down you are losing production hours, and spending a lot of money during a non working period.
  • Between these lost hours, and the constant purchasing of harmful chemicals you gain terrible inefficiencies.
  • Scaling of pipes holding water for fire safety & blockages in automatic Fire sprinkler systems.


  • Our equipments have proven over time to drastically reduce downtime.
  • No more heavy machinery needed to get rid of built up hard water scale.
  • Reduction and usually elimination of chemicals used to fight the already built up scale.
  • Minimal energy needed with the NCIWC products.
  • No more harm done to the environment with chemicals.
  • Using zero energy, and eliminating chemicals makes the NCIWC hard


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