Are You Out of the Loop About iPad VPNs?

Are You Out of the Loop About iPad VPNs

Many consumers use theiriPads constantly, and can’t do without them for a day. The majority of iPad users own the device for personal computing purposes. Other people have integrated the iPad into their daily business routine. Whatever the reason for owning an iPad, almost all iPad users agree that security and faultless Internet connectivity are critical.

A VPN for iPad gives users the security and seamless connectivity they need. Wi-Fi hotspots are popular with iPad users but they are also prone to malicious intruders. A VPN for iPad uses tunneling protocols that securely transmit data across wireless connections. This VPN connection ensures maximum security on a public Wi-Fi hotspot.

When an iPad user decides to subscribe to a VPN provider, they may find it hard to select one out of the hundreds that are available. Here are a few of the characteristics make a top VPN provider stand out.

Range of IP Addresses

When choosing a VPN service, one of the most important factors is the range of IP addresses offered. The majority of providers offer a limited range of IP addresses, which restricts the locations users may connect from. A top VPN provider should have a effectively limitless range of options for IP addresses.

Server Options

A top VPN provider should offer users unlimited service, by allowing them to connect to any server without added costs. Lower quality iPad VPN providers place restrictions on server switching, and charge additional fees for switching server locations. For users who frequently need to securely connect to varying geographical regions, this would be costly. Providers should always allow free unlimited VPN server switching.


The main VPN protocols available are PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, and OpenVPN. Low-quality VPN providers only have PPTP, the most widely used VPN protocol. A top VPN provider offers all the available protocols. Some high quality VPN providers also include free software which simplifies connection management. Users can switch between protocols and server locations with just a click.


Users are also concerned with service availability. A top-notch iPad VPN provider will offer the highest uptime, ideally not going below 98 percent. They also should have unlimited speeds and little or no usage restrictions. Typically, only providers that manage all their hardware, software and network connections can provide this kind of reliability. VPN providers who outsource the infrastructure experience frequent downtimes.

Customer Support

A top iPad VPN service provider employs live, knowledgeable support staff 24 hours day, all year. They should have access to network and system engineers. This allows them to make real-time adjustments based on customer feedback. For example, if users in France begin experiencing speed issues, the support staff should be able to talk to network engineers about rerouting VPN traffic to France. Before a user registers with a service provider, they should research the company’s customer support practices.