HP Omni 27 – The New Age PC


    Hewlet Packard is currently a home name in the world of processing and it continues to prove its reputation by its constant presentation of newest gadgets and gadgets in one particular area, that is, desktop computer PCs. HP, keeping in line with its goals, has lately released HP Omni 27, its newest all-in-one PC.

    Its envisaged value is $1,999.99 and Windows 7 has been endowed as its primary operating system. It has a 27 in. screen and a present of 1080p; an inner shed of 2TB and a brand of Intel Core i5 2400 S.

    HP Omni 27 Detailed features

    HP Omni 27 is mainly planned for those who desire a meticulous get up or design, a better efficiency and a superior and expanded looking experience. HP Omni 27 has an side to side cup section present that can be moved up to 25 levels, that allows customers to change the PC display to their satisfaction. However, although Omni 27 appears like the Touch Smart models, this PC has the disadvantage of not having the touch-screen option.

    HP magic canvas software allows customers to develop their desktop computer in order to provide images, programs and video clips. Other features like the endeavor bar, list, esteem computer techniques and others, can be used through this application as well.

    The new HP Omni 27 features a multicore processor and advanced HD graphics as well. This HP Omni 27 offers a range of advanced multimedia features, such as a Blu-Ray disc drive, HDMI, TV tuner and others.

    The notebook also includes:

    • A big 6GB RAM
    • 2 × USB 3.0 ports

    It, however, continues to be not clear why HP Omni 27 is not a touchscreen display. It has already obtained the position of an all in one PC and the new technology is already adopting it. So better pick up one to practical knowledge to HP Omni 27 additional functions.